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J Poole Group

Founded in 1997, J Poole Group is a Texas-based, North American premier services contractor specializing in design, repair, and renovation of hospitality, government, and commercial properties. Our expertise and knowledge, along with the guiding principles defined by our core values, ensure a successful project experience for our clients.

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Clear, effective communication is a necessity for successful project completion. J Poole Group believes regular communication among our staff, project owners, and onsite trades is an essential piece to effective project management.


Every member of our organization takes responsibility and ownership for their actions, assigned tasks, and overall project outcome. Out entire Team is accountable to the customer for project completion.


Projects are completed within the guidelines established by the scope of work - on time, within budget, and installed at a standard that exceeds customer expectations. 

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our department leaders and key points of contact are highlighted below. Every aspect of our work is a team effort and each team member listed here is supported by a top-tier group of professionals who strive to make each project a success.

Our Core Values

  • Lead With Humility - Be open, honest, and considerate. Listen with the intent to hear not be heard.

  • Do What You Say - Follow through on tasks, meet deadlines, and hit your targets. Don't make a commitment if you are not confident you can keep it.

  • Be Open to Change - Embrace growth, and adapt to change. Be open to feedback and willing to accept guidance.

  • Be Helpful - Give without the expectation of receiving anything in return. Be willing to assist others when they need help - for the greater good of the team.

  • Take Pride in Your Work - Take ownership of the outcome. Be on time and mentally present. Don't pass the buck, make excuses, point fingers, or lay blame.

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