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September 2020 Blog

Ramping up and stepping out
With COVID and travel restrictions beginning to ease up across the country, September began in full force. The team at J Poole Group has been able to move forward with several projects across Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky, as well as making preparations to finish a large PAL (Privatized Army Lodging) project at Presidio of Monterey in Monterey, CA at the end of the month. The team has been working hard to ensure that the ramp back up to our pre-pandemic volumes run smoothly and becomes our ‘new normal’ for our company going forward.
We've implemented a new CRM software to track all aspects of each individual projects, scopes of work and timelines, it has been great to watch the change and see the team adapt, overcome, and thrive after just a few short weeks. This new system is going to provide teams the ability to track every aspect of each job, from the moment it appears from Sales, all the way through close out This will provide us the ability to work at an even higher standard and allow a larger volume of work.
Sales and Marketing has been busy building our online footprint on several platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as reaching out to our past and present clients with a courtesy check-in during the difficult times this pandemic has bought. We pride ourselves on our human-ness, and feel it is vital to prioritize these opportunities to reach out, especially in the hard-hit hospitality industry. After-all, this is not about us as individuals or JPG as a company but rather the people, relationships and lives that we can touch and change by doing what we do.