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August 2020 Blog

Company policy revisions and Back-To-School donations
August has been a busy month thus far, the entire company has worked and collaborated on expanding, revising, and re-inventing not only ourselves but also our policies, procedures, and processes across the board. We had an incredible year of growth in 2019 and that continued into Q1 of 2020 however, the Global Pandemic has impacted us just like most other small businesses. Having time to slow down and even stop what we were doing allowed for management and the JPG Team to evaluate what and how we functioned as an employer and team members; or even as a company that utilizes trade partners to help complete extreme workloads. Many times, reflection on the past is a great teacher for how to better serve those around us. Our continued proactive approaches, mindsets, and beliefs that we - JPG asa company and as individuals - are who we think we are, we are not what society tells us we need to become. With this core stance of living life outside the box we continue to separate our team and push ourselves to new levels of serving those around us before we serve ourselves.
With a growth and expansion mindset for the latter part of 2020 and our goal for 2021, we have dug in as a team - focusing on expanding and redefining how the company functions day to day, what team members we had, which new ones were needed, what individuals roles would be, expanding our online presence for marketing and brand awareness as well as a full buildout and implementation of a new CRM that will manage every lead/project from the time it has been entered until the project had been completed and closed out. Prior to now, our system worked like a machine, however, we have learned that it had a ceiling and we were working well above its capabilities, so expanding the system became very evident and necessary. Moving forward, our team will manage projects from a team environment, always helping and collaborating to make the best business decisions as a group movement vs one individual taking the load. By doing this, the accountability and workflow can function at peak levels of performance without having our own ‘human-ness’ get in our way of success.
Our belief that what we do is not about us or what ‘we get’ out of a project, it is about what we give and the lives that we can change. What ‘we get’ as a company whole is a complete by-product of what we have given. What we do is not about money, this is about relationships, people, and changing lives; all-in-all, I believe we are changing the world to be a better place.
In our community, we had the opportunity to help Salado Family Relief in their Back to School project for 2020. The team at JPG enjoyed choosing fun backpacks for the kids and were excited to be involved with the community. We believe that nurturing the next generation academically is vital to the future and want to ensure that despite what walk of life students originate from, it does not hinder their future success. In addition, JPG was able to donate to the John Waddle MemorialShoot to raise money for Loaves & Fishes nonprofit organization inClarksville, TN who feed 150+ people each week. J Poole Group is looking forward to continued involvement in as many areas as we can help.
Over the last few weeks ourRestoration Division was able to walk, estimate, contract and complete a water damage project in Central Texas. We were able to respond quickly to the client and minimize further damage to the property, ensuring a safe environment for the family with the least amount of impact to their daily lives.
As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect businesses across the US, it also kept us busy learning and expanding our knowledge on how best to help protect people in such troubled times. We have performed Heart of Texas COVID-19 case disinfecting services, as well as preventative care services across Texas. Businesses who have used our services have reported positive feedback from their clients, with ‘peace of mind’ being a frequent comment upon seeing our service poster on display at the reception desk. We are thrilled to know that we are supporting small businesses to maintain their client base and helping to ensure employees are comfortable and healthy returning to work.
Our Production team has not had a moment to spare, between the restoration project in Temple, Texas, a pre-bid walk at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, a pre-bid walk in Waco, Texas, preparing for launching a large-scale residential renovation in Port Aransas, Texas, and a project at Joint Base San Antonio. Although several of our Privatized ArmyLodging (PAL) or IHG renovations projects nationwide are still on hold we are working closely with the Owners and hotel management to ensure a smooth transition back into production when the time comes.
We believe that our ability to adapt and overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic has given us an opportunity to continue to thrive during hard times. Our employees are hard-working, professional and an asset to J Poole Group, and we are grateful to have this team helping drive us into the future.