JPG design/build Remodels & Additions Division offers residential and commercial customers a “one-stop-shopping” experience. At JPG, our professional staff is involved from the conception, during the design phase and throughout the entire project.

JPG takes full ownership of every aspect of a project. With a single point of accountability and the efficiencies that result by combined design/build services, home and business owners can rest assured that their project will be completed on schedule, budget, and according to their specifications and personal touches.

Because designers, sub-contractors, and local supplier are all on board well before construction begins, the margin for error is largely decreased. Things like miscommunication, schedule delays, re-do or re-works, change orders and added expenses that often result when two separate companies provide architectural design and construction services. Unlike the more traditional design-bid-build process, JPG design/build system allows for detailed, accurate pricing and complete scheduling because both the design and construction work can be done concurrently.

Benefits of Design / Building:

    • Professional construction team involved during design process
    • Detailed design plans specific to personal needs
    • Accurate estimating and take offs
    • Compete project management
    • Combined professional design and construction services
    • Project accountability
    • Project designed to meet your budget
    • Practical and appealing solutions to common design and building challenges
Five key advantages to using the design/build method of construction over the classic design-bid-build method.
        • Single source of accountability – The design/build approach provides a single source for your entire project. In the traditional design-bid-build method, the owner must: Select an architect/designer, finalize the design, bid the project, select a contractor, and then act as an intermediary. The design/build method fosters teamwork and lends itself to cooperation. The relationship developed during the conception, and design phase helps to ensure that the stage is set for a successful construction project.
        • Budget management – Discussing budget during the design phase (not waiting until the bids come in) helps to keep the projects within a realistic budget. Communicating the cost implications of design decisions ensures that the owner plays a key role in arriving at the final project price. Once the scope of work has been finalized, the project costs are clearly defined and controlled by the design/build firm.
        • Enhanced communication – Specific design and construction details are developed throughout the entire process, and the focus stays on owner “value.” The communication benefits of working with a design professional and a construction expert at the same time ensure that potential problems are discovered before the project starts.
        • Faster project completion – Design-build projects can be completed in a shorter amount of time. Bid time is reduced, scheduling for the project can begin before the design is finalized, potential construction problems are uncovered early, and improved communication keeps everything moving.
        • Quality Control – The design-build method helps to remove uncertainty that may arise in material and construction specifications. Since the designer, engineer, and builder All work together hand and hand, the focus remains on protecting the client’s interest.

Because of its inherent flexibility, design/build lends itself well to a variety of project types. By combining design and construction experience onto one team, the home and business owner realizes the benefits of “one-stop shopping” at its best.