Custom Homes & Historic Replications

JPG Construction’s Custom Home Division is prepared for all types of innovative custom building. From high-end luxury homes to first time building, JPG’s design-build team is there to assist at every turn. With Design Custom Building as our core business, we can take any project and from concept to completion.

6 Reasons to Choose Design/Build

        • One-stop-shop from design to final inspection before handover.
        • Free consultation to determine goals with realistic time and budget estimates.
        • State-of-the-Art drafting of your dream home at the design stage.
        • Unique custom designs and project management with detailed documentation.
        • An in house team of professional builders.
        • Interior design services to compliment your new house design and style.

Dirt to Done

With a fresh and open-minded approach to design, construction, and customer service, JPG tailors the client needs for fixed contracts and schedules alongside cost plus and sliding schedules by adopting our proven end-to-end processes.

On average, there are ten stages of design, approval, and construction in the course of building a custom home. During this time, clients need to coordinate with at least half a dozen specialists as well as many trades, subcontractors, and suppliers. It is imperative to understand each stage of the processes and the timings required to ensure the project stays on time and budget.

If that process seems hard, confusing, you find the task overwhelming, or you’re simply too busy, JPG runs a “One Stop Shop” approach, specifically designed for this situation.

JPG has an experienced network of specialists including architects, drafts people, interior decorators, estimators and quality control people, to name a few. Also, a dedicated team of project managers and coordinators, as well as job superintendents and controllers oversee the construction and administration process.

This “One Stop Shop” approach means the entire project can be done to fit any customer’s needs. Be it a fixed priced on a fixed schedule or a cost plus on a sliding timeline. There is a piece of mind that professionals are handling the process and once your selections are made you can sit back and enjoy the building process.


Did you realize that your home design process started some time ago? We did. We recognized that it started the day you discovered that your current home wasn’t quite the right fit. When you thought about growing your family when you wanted to entertain but couldn’t, or when there wasn’t a quiet area to get away from the kids, or even when grandma decided to visit. Our real design experience starts with your experiences and considers your lifestyle. Our staff works with your ideas, your sketches, and your clippings and builds a custom home design that starts with you. Every custom home project is unique. You have to consider the shape, slope, size and soil type of your area along with any local government planning. The project budget then needs to be aligned to ensure that all costs associated with all of the necessary items are thought of, thought through and accounted.

Starting this process can be overwhelming, but starting without advice or the could cost time and money, so it’s imperative to get professional help from the beginning.

As experienced new home builders, a consultation with JPG will be invaluable. Whether in our Office or On-Site, a review and discussion around your design ideas, “wish-list” and budget, will allow us to give you realistic and practical options for your project.

Most importantly, we will be able to address any issues you may not have considered and the impact this may have on design or costs of your project.

Our consultation could save you thousand, and it’s FREE.

If you are considering designing and building a new home, we’re here to help.